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Tri-City Driving School, LLC was established in 1977. Being a leader in preparing the next generation of drivers for over 40 years, Tri-City Driving School is the driving force in the tri-cities for helping adults and teens alike. Not only does Tri-City Driving School provide its customers with the best driving program in the area, but our staff is well educated, highly trained and ready to teach you. Our program covers DMV required lessons and provides what Tri-City Driving School calls “True Defensive Driving” that will help keep you and the other driver safe.

Tri-City Driving School is bonded and licensed by the State of Virginia and the Department of Motor Vehicles, and insured beyond the state minimum requirements.   We have instructed countless students, and all of our instructors’ backgrounds are checked and required to stay abreast of DMV’s most recent changes in guidelines.

Sign-up with a winning team of instructors at Tri-City Driving School and learn from the best.


Here’s why our school stands out and why our students rave about courses.

Extensive Research:

We know our industry, and we stay in the know, so you learn the latest information. We are committed to expanding our knowledge on crash related risks, and we teach our students how to drive safely.

Learn from the Best

We have over 20 years teaching teens how to drive, and our highly trained instructors use proven teaching methods. We customize lessons to each student to meet your unique learning style.

Safest Vehicles

You will learn how to drive in our specially equipped cars, which have high safety ratings.

All-out Convenience

Our course scheduling is simple, and we will pick you up for your lesson.

We have trained over 10,000 people to become experienced drivers. We make learning to drive safely easy.


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